Friday, July 22, 2011

Vanity – thy name is Cheryl

With apologies to the Bard, just because I plan on retiring does not mean I plan to look old.  Unfortunately, the older I get, the more not looking old is costing me!  I’ve always been a believer in good skin care, and I wear sunscreen every day, so the “fine lines and wrinkles” have been somewhat kept at bay.  But – as I was looking at my reflection in my smart phone the other day I saw – horror of horrors – that sagging skin at the chin line.  Yikes!  Better find something to get rid of it (the sagging, not the smart phone).  Unfortunately, short of a facelift, which is not going to happen, my options are limited:
·         Chin exercises – most of which involve looking up and moving your mouth like a fish.  So if you catch me doing this, please be assured I have not completely lost my mind – just trying to prevent a double chin.

·         Double Chin Firming Serum.  Yes, they really do make this.  Does it work?  Reviews are mixed.  I am a devoted user of Mary Kay cosmetics, and they make a serum.  I’ll give it a try.
And then there are the grey hairs.  Why is it that grey hair makes men look distinguished, but makes women look old?  Totally unfair.  But again, remediation is possible with a little time, a little money, and a gifted hairdresser.
And while we’re not looking old, we can’t be feeling old, either.  Remediation for this is often a good thing – eating right, exercise, and of course, the “silver” variety of vitamin supplements.
So let’s add this up.  My approximate annual spend:  Cosmetics, $460.00; Hair color, $400.00;  Vitamin and herbal supplements, $780.00.  None of these expenses go away after retirement.  Yet another line item for the budget.

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