Monday, February 15, 2016

Hurricane, Utah, USA

Now that we’ve been in Hurricane for two months, it’s time to share the best and brightest about this beautiful little city of 11,000. The city name is pronounced “Hurr-i-kin” as opposed to “Hurr-i-cayne.” Local lore states that it was named after the wind that blows fiercely every afternoon. Other lore states that the area was settled by English converts to the Mormon Church, hence the British pronunciation.   Many of the city streets honor the names of the founding families.

I love small town grocery stores.  And small town hardware stores.  And even small town Walmarts.  Really – haven’t you noticed that small town Walmart stores are SO much nicer than their big city counterparts?  But I digress…

Lin’s Market is a delightful little grocery store, walking distance from WillowWind.  Lin’s carries most of the products I buy and has a great selection of meats and produce.  But the best thing about Lin’s is the deli.  All their salad entrees and dinner items are homemade.  They make fresh sandwiches to order.  They seem to be the alternative to the Hurricane High cafeteria; we’ve often seen high school students munching on chicken, corn dogs, and potato logs at one of the several tables in the deli area.  Best of all, they are fully stocked and ready by 8:00 AM. 

Hurricane’s Buck’s Ace Hardware has a little bit of everything.  And I do mean everything.  They were able to match our ATV key.  They carry fishing and hunting gear, trailer supplies, and of course, the usual hardware.  What’s that delightful smell as you pass the front door?  Fresh popcorn – free to customers.

The local movie theater is Coral Cliffs Cinema 8.  It offers stadium seating and has a VIP Theater.  What’s that?  It’s a fabulous concept that I haven’t yet found in Salt Lake City.  The tickets are about double in price, but the price includes recliners with tray tables and the ability to pre-order both theater concessions AND Mexican food from the Durango’s restaurant across the street.  Your food is delivered to your seat.  About halfway through the movie they pause for a bathroom break and bring in mint truffles.  A great date night experience.

Hurricane has curbside recycling.  It’s on the curb at 400 South and 700 West.  We’ve brought our recycling several times.  The bins are regularly emptied and the area is always clean. Add to this a view that I’ll never tire of looking at, two golf courses (it’s getting warm enough to golf), the close proximity to both Sand Hollow and Quail Creek Reservoirs (it’s getting warm enough to fish) and of course, the miles and miles of ATV trails, and you’ve got a great place to visit.  Or vacation.  Or snowbird.  Or live????