Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Warm River Campground Overview – RV sites

We've been at Warm River for 13 weeks now, and have come to know the personality of the campground.  We have 28 total sites.  This post will feature the 15 RV sites. I’ll cover the tent sites in my next post.

Site 1
Site 1:  Mostly sunny with a beautiful riverfront that is great for kids to get in and out of the river.  Canoe not included. Is being right next to the camp hosts good or bad?  You decide.  Reservable. 

Site 2:  Full shade across from the river.  Right next to the maintenance couple.  First come – first served.
Site 2

Site 3:  Mostly sunny, good river access.  Reservable.  Similar in appearance to Site 1.

Site 4
Site 4:  Mostly shady, across from the river.  Has a tent pad and lots of space.  First come – first served.  

Site 5:  Mostly shady, on the river side but access is more toward site 3.  Has a tent pad and lots of space.  This is the best site for larger RVs.  Dog not included. First come – first served.
Ty at Site 5

Site 14:  Yes, site 14 is in the lower loop – between sites 2 and 4.  It was added on and the Forest Service did not renumber the sites.  Lots of space and a tent pad.  First come – first served.  
Site 14

Site 6
Now we’ll move across the wooden bridge to Site 6:  A double site with good space for RVs, vehicles and with additional space for tents.  Great river access.  This site has lots of privacy if you want it.  It shares a large lawn with site 9.  Reservable.

Site 7:  A double site with a tent pad.  Site 7 has less space for vehicles, but has great shade.  Reservable.  I couldn't get a photo of site 7 - trailers and their tow vehicles always seem to be in the way.

Site 8
Site 8:  Across from the river.  Mostly sunny, some lawn at the site.  Reservable.

Site 9:  On the river.  Mostly sunny.  Shares the lawn with site 6.  Has a tent pad and grass for additional tents.  First come – first served.
Site 9

Site 10:  Beautiful view of the river, which makes it a very popular site for single RVs.  Mostly sunny.  No tent space. First come – first served. 
Site 10

Site 11:  Across from the river.  Mostly sunny, a tent pad and some lawn at the site.  Can stretch a longer power cord to the power box at site 12 for an additional $5 per night.  First come – first served. 
Site 11

Site 12:  Our most popular non-reservable RV site – the only one with both power and water hookups.  Costs $6 more than the non-electric sites.  First come – first served.  People wait in the parking lot for this one.  No photo available - the big trailers are always in the way.

Site 13
Site 13:  Our most popular reservable site; reserved for the foreseeable future.  Has a fenced patio with steps leading down to the river.  Beautiful views of the river.  Has electricity. 

Site 15:  If I were in marketing I would tout this site as being our only pull-though site.  The site is in the parking lot.  It does have a great story – a family from Rexburg suggested a campsite be added in that location because it’s at the halfway point of a river float.   First come – first served.  Or, as often happens, it’s last to arrive gets this one.  No photo.  We sometimes forget we have this site, and that's what happened when I took the photo tour for this post.

Next post we'll take a look at the tent sites.

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