Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Warm River Campground Overview – Tent sites

Warm River Campground boast 13 beautiful tent sites, most of which are set in a field with grass and trees and have great river access.  All the tent sites at Warm River are walk-in sites.  We have a large parking lot for the cars.  This can present a challenge to campers, as the National Forest Service Food Storage order mandates that all food be secured in bear proof containers – mostly this means your car – when unattended and at night. 
T12 and T1
We’ll start our review of the tent sites with site T12.  This is another site that was added on after the fact and not renumbered.  In my opinion this is our best tent site.  Lots of shade, but furthest away from the parking lot – which means you have the furthest to haul your food at night.  First come – first served.
Site T1 sits next to site T12.  A little closer to the river; a little less shade.  First come – first served.

Site T2 has two tent pads.  It sits a little further back from the river. 
First come – first served.

Site T3 is right on the river and is hidden from the other site by a large copse of trees.  Not much shade, but people like it for the privacy and the proximity to the river.  First come – first served.

Site T4’s tent pad is tucked away between the trees.  First come – first served.

Site T5 is the tent site closest to the restrooms.  Good or bad?  You decide.  First come – first serve

Site T6 is partially shaded and is reservable.

Site T7 has two tent pads and can be reserved as a double site, which means you can reserve T7 for up to 16 people.  It is completely shady.

Site T8 can also be reserved as a double site, and is also completely shady.

Site T9 is very close to the parking lot.  It has partial shade.  Reservable.

Site T10 is, in my opinion, our best reservable tent site.  It has lots of
shade and is close to the river, the parking lot, and the restrooms.  It is very popular with day users; we have to put an orange cone on it on the days it is reserved.

Site T11 borders on the group site and is in full sun. The reservation site neglects to mention anything about shade in its description of T11, and our customers are often disappointed.  The site is often reserved by the people who reserve the group site for additional tent space.  Reservable.  Caveat Emptor.

Site T13 is the only tent site that is not on the river.  It is also the only
T13 Entrance
tent site where you can park your car right next to your site.  We've been known to sell this site to small trailers and campers when the RV sites are full.  When we first arrived and spring had not yet worked its magic, the site was brown and very unappealing.  Now it sits among lush greenery and is quite a beautiful site.  We jokingly refer to it as the Honeymoon Suite.  First come – first served.

So now that you have all the information to make an informed decision on your campsite at Warm River, only one decision remains.  When are you coming to camp with us?

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