Saturday, July 27, 2013

Strength Training in the Wilderness

Workout setting
I thought I was off the hook.  Danny Dreyer, in Chi Running, states “I don’t recommend strength training for runners.”  Whew!  Then he goes on to state, “unless they are over 50.”  Damn. 

So what does one do for strength training when one lives in a 32-ft. trailer with neither the space nor the weight rating to carry weight equipment?  What does one do for strength training when the nearest gym is 35 minutes away and the work schedule is not conducive to being out of the campground?  Hey, wait a minute!  I have those resistance bands I got from Wells Fargo.  If only I knew how to use them.

Enter personal trainer Reggie Jewkes.  She prepared a training session for me using resistance bands, and gave me very specific instructions on how to perform the exercises – including the high - medium - low of where to secure the resistance bands.
We had a funny experience when we worked together on exactly how to do the exercises.  First she broke one of the resistance bands.  We laughed.  Then I broke the other band.  We laughed even harder.  I guess you just can’t trust exercise equipment given out by a bank.  She let me borrow her bands and we finished the session.  I bought new resistance bands at a sporting goods store.

Turns out Warm River Campground has some ideal locations for securing the bands high, medium and low.  It’s right out front – near the kiosk where our customers stop.  Yes, I've had a few strange looks as fishermen passed by, but for the most part people smile and wave.  And for the most part, I get to work out in a beautiful setting.  No gym?  No problem!  

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