Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Top 10 Things I Learned from the Wasatch Training Group

Last Fall I decided to take my running up a notch and join a training group sponsored by Wasatch Running Center.  It was a fabulous experience.  Here’s what I learned in the first session.

#10. There’s no bad weather; only improper gear.  We tested this theory to nine degrees on one winter run.  The thermal pants held up well, but I had to put on ski mittens over my running gloves.  Next year – spikes in my old shoes for those icy paths.

#9. Don’t try this on race day.  This means anything new.  New shoes, new clothes, new sports drink, new chews, gels or goos.  OK, I still haven’t embraced gels or goos, but my new running pants have two small pockets for them – just in case I get brave enough to try.  But not on race day.

#8.  Shoulda carried water.  I’ve learned that I can run about three miles without re-hydrating.  Now that I’m regularly running further than that, I carry water.  My Amphipod hydration belt (available from Wasatch Running of course) has four small bottles.  I usually carry two. 

#7.  It’s more fun to run with a group.  The group encourages me on our runs and inspires me to get up early for those long runs and to put on the warm weather gear for those winter runs – when I’d really rather be sitting at home sipping coffee in my robe and slippers.

#6. The right shoes make a difference.  And in my case, the right arch supports (Superfeet) took me out of the pain zone after long runs.  And it’s OK for your running shoes to be two sizes bigger than your regular shoes.  Get over it.

#5.  I am an athlete.  I have a training schedule.  I have a wonderful group of people to train with.  I have teams.  And I have a fabulous coach!

#4.  I like to win races.  When I first started running I didn't think I was very competitive.  Turns out I am.  Good thing I’m in an old enough age group that I can win a few.  

#3.  Every runner in the Wasatch Training Group in my age group is faster than I am.  They inspire me to push myself to pace with them – at least for a little while.

#2.  Runners are inspiring people.  I've met people who have overcome addition through running.  I've met people who have lost weight through running.  I've met people who run to honor loved ones lost, to support cancer survivors, and to raise money to fight dreaded diseases. 

#1.  I smile when I run. :)

Thanks, Brian, for organizing and keeping the Wasatch Training Group going.  Can’t wait to join next fall’s session!

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