Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We're Hired!

This morning, over coffee, Paul and I filled in the online application to work for American Land and Leisure as camp hosts.  

I have to admit I was somewhat unnerved by the prospect of a job application.  I haven’t applied for a job in over 14 years – and Paul’s gone even longer than that.  And of course, all the paragraphs and buzzwords, certificates and certifications I’ve collected over the years had absolutely no relevance to the job of camp host.  Can I paint? Yes.  Can I clean?  Yes.  Can I work with people?  Yes. 
The most difficult part of filling out the application was deciding on our top three choices of campground.  We had already decided that for the first year we’d like to stay within 3 hours of home – just to make sure that the arrangements we make for the care and feeding of a house and yard go as planned.  So we picked three lakeside campgrounds that we both liked.

I went to work.  I arrived home to the smell of dinner cooking and to a husband that couldn’t stop smiling.  He had gotten a call from Gary at AL&L, and pending background check, we’re hired!  AND – we got our first choice of campground.  How cool is this!
Wow – this is really going to happen!

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