Monday, November 7, 2011

Sing a new Song

A very close friend asked me to sing “Amazing Grace” at her mother’s memorial service.  Of course, I was honored to have been asked and wanted to do my very best.  I searched my music library (I use the term loosely – it’s pretty much a large pile in the cupboard near the piano) until I found a version that was in a low enough key.  News flash – I’m not a soprano any more.

I’d like to believe that the loss of the high notes is more due to lack of practice than advanced age.  I’ve seen anecdotal evidence both ways – an 80-year old member of the church choir I used to sing in still has all her top notes, yet a much younger woman from the same choir has shifted to alto.  In my own case, I’m finding that my range really hasn’t decreased – it’s just shifted lower.
I miss singing.  From the time I was in Jr. High School I’ve been in some form of choral performance group – school choirs, madrigal groups, community choirs, church choirs - up until about five years ago.  The church we currently attend does not have a choir, and as much as I say I miss singing, I haven’t given up anything of my other activities to make room for singing. 

In my retired life I’m hoping this will change.  I’ve been researching local opportunities for being a member of a choir – for when I have more free time to practice and to perform.  The downside, of course, is that many of these choirs rehearse and perform year-round, so they might not take kindly to my requesting every summer off.  Perhaps I can find a choir performing Handel’s Messiah in December 2012 – one needing a good alto.

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