Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Lyric Goes to the Casino

I wrote several weeks ago about my husband’s purchase of a Lyric Personal Transportation Vehicle to help him get around places where lots of walking is involved.  He has Multiple Sclerosis, and while he can walk, walking long distances is difficult.  But his balance is still quite good.  He ordered his Lyric with a seat, but after about a week he removed the seat because it was “in the way.”  He stands to ride the Lyric.

We celebrated my father’s 80th birthday last weekend at a casino just across the border.  All my brothers were there – along with many friends and even a few of the grandchildren. My parents rented a suite for the celebration.  Unfortunately, the hotel was quite full last weekend, and our rooms were on the other side of the casino.  This was about a quarter-mile walk.  Enter the Lyric – literally.  Paul decided to take his chances riding the Lyric inside the hotel and casino. 
Of course, Security was on it immediately.  Lots of cameras in casinos – imagine that.  We were stopped by no less than five security employees.  After asking him everything except, “can I take a test ride,” they told him to be careful and he wasn’t stopped again - at least, not by Security.  Several casino patrons commented on how cool the Lyric was – both parked and in motion. 

I am encouraged by the acceptance of this not-handicapped-looking device in venues where traditional scooters and wheelchairs have been accepted.  But we’ll wait until after the holidays to take it to a shopping mall.

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