Friday, September 2, 2011

A Visit to Gold's Gym

Last Tuesday I built up my courage and walked through the front door of Gold’s Gym.  Since I own lifetime memberships to not one but two gyms that have gone out of business, I was a little bit leery of commercial fitness facilities.

I was pleasantly surprised.  As my “tour guide”, Antonio, walked me through the facility, I saw people of all ages, weights, and fitness levels.  I was definitely NOT the oldest person in the room.  I asked Antonio, “while I understand that the baby boomers are not your target market, do you have special activities or classes?” His reply – “All ages are our target market.  Fitness is for everyone.”  Perhaps a cliché in the commercial fitness world, but I appreciated his response.  He went on to say that every new member works with a certified personal trainer to establish fitness goals and to learn to use the equipment. 
The facility was impressive.  There were over 40 treadmills, 30 elliptical machines, stationary bikes, various weight machines that I could not begin to name, much less know how to use.  They offer an extensive class schedule including yoga, Pilates, step aerobics, Zumba and kick-boxing.  They offer a lap pool and water aerobics.  They offer “Cardio Cinema” – where you run on the treadmill while you watch a movie.

They did not offer me a lifetime membership.  Whew!  Their main membership plan is $26 a month with a 24 month commitment.  Unfortunately, they do not offer the ability to take a break in the contract for, say three months every summer while we’re camp hosting.  They do, however, offer travel benefits to other Gold’s Gyms throughout the world.

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