Saturday, September 17, 2011

Staying Connected

My first portable computer was a Compaq we bought in 1984.  It weighed about 40 pounds, but it had a handle, making it portable. It also had two floppy disk drives and 256K of memory – more memory than you would ever in your lifetime need.  But because it was “portable” I brought it to work with me.  I like to take credit for bringing the small company I worked for at the time into the computer age – but since that company is long gone I suspect I’ll never be recognized for that technological feat.

Shortly thereafter I started working for a company that made computers.  By then computers in offices were pretty much mainstream – even for companies that didn’t manufacture them.  I received my first company laptop was in 1997; my first remote access in 2003.  I was connected no matter where I was.  I still am.  I can – and do – connect from pretty much anywhere.  Yet another aspect of my life that working for corporate America has so easily enabled.
The point of all this?  I’m not giving up this connectivity when we retire.  Well before the day I turn in the company laptop and wireless cards, I’ll buy a laptop.  And I’ll buy a USB modem. 

I had been researching connectivity options when I happened to be in a Verizon store for a warranty replacement for my Android phone (another connectivity option I’m keeping).  I received great customer service from Verizon throughout the warranty process, by the way.  Kudos to Joseph and Blake in Taylorsville!
Verizon Wireless has a great option – a 4G USB modem that can be plugged into our home computer, where up to five computers can connect via the built-in wireless router – or on the road in my laptop.  And the cost of $50 per month is quite reasonable.  

When you read this blog ten months from now, you’ll know who’s keeping me connected.

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