Friday, June 24, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect - Navigating Change

After my Feng Shui consultation, I was confused.  Sonia’s recommendations were totally different from what I had envisioned.  It got me thinking, once again, about change. 

Change expert Tanya Bibby, PhD, states that managing change is about paying attention – to yourself, to others, to your environment and the context behind the change.   She also shares that, just like grief has five stages, the change process has five stages – denial, resistance, understanding, exploration, adoption.   And similar to grief, all the stages need to happen.
The good news – through the action steps – Preparing, Accepting, Committing, we can reframe change from “happening to me” to “happening through me.”

In reality, I get to manage the change to my plans for my room.  I can pick and choose the recommendations to implement – including just how much of the dreaded purple I will allow in my room, and just how much red I plan to sneak into the room. 
Even more change is on the horizon as the retirement date gets closer.  I am paying attention.  I plan to be in charge of the change that is coming to my life.

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