Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Retiring with Honor

My friend Jewel has announced her retirement.  I received the announcement last night, in an email she sent from Iraq.  Jewel is currently in command of a unit that was deployed to Iraq one year ago.

In her words, when she returns home she will be “passing on the command of the 200th PM Detachment to someone I have not yet met. I know the new commander will agree that this unit is very special, and take care to continue the legacy of excellence.”

She goes on to say, “We have come such a long way during this deployment. We have all learned and changed forever. The small things we took for granted in our daily lives back home are all the more precious to us. Real milk, a private bathroom, our very own vehicle – that is clean; and of course family and friends.”

It is my fervent hope that Jewel’s unit will be welcomed home as heroes, and that she will retire with a sincere vote of thanks from the country that she has served so valiantly for so long.

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