Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chi Running Updates

I continue to practice Chi Running.  One of my Red Rock Relay teammates took photos of me while I was actually running.  These are my first visual images of me actually using the technique.

It looks like I’m striking a little too far forward here, column out of whack, and not leaning at all.  These are probably related.  My arms seem to be in the correct position, as does my back foot. 
I can see myself leaning – at least a little – in the shot at the right. 

The verdict – I need more practice with the technique.  The reality – I will always need practice with the technique.  The good news – I felt great running my 12.6 miles of the relay and did so without injury. 

Which brings me to the second Chi Running update:  I received a press release from ChiLiving, Inc. about a recent study comparing Chi Running to three other running styles.  The press release is dated February 8, 2013.  Ouch.  I guess I really need to check the email address I set up specifically for this blog a little more frequently.  That said, it’s still terrific news about Chi Running.


 A recent 1-year study at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill* shows that the ChiRunning ( technique was found to produce less impact and less breaking force, when compared with three other common styles of running.

The study, A Comparison of Lower Extremity Joint Work and Initial Loading Rates among Four Different Running Styles, (Goss, 2012) compared four common types of running styles. Of the four styles studied, the ChiRunning technique was the most effective at reducing both the overall impact and the rate of impact. Participants practicing ChiRunning benefited from:

  • ·         Lower Impact - reduces the cause of the most common running injury, "runner's knee"
  • ·         A smoother landing - reduces sudden impact that leads to stress fractures in the feet, lower legs and hips.
  • ·         Less Knee Extension - reduces the common problem of over-striding which produces the "braking effect" that often leads to "runner's knee"
  • ·         Less Braking Force upon impact with the ground, making for a much more efficient run.

"The recent UNC study scientifically confirms years of our clinical experience", says Dr. William Mullins at the Center for Rheumatic Diseases and Osteoporosis in Bethesda, Maryland. "ChiRunning is a unique running style that causes less stress for lower extremity joints and supporting structures than any other running technique. I routinely recommend the ChiRunning workshops or DVDs for my patients who run for exercise."

Additionally, and contrary to some running experts' beliefs, the study also shows that low-impact, more efficient running technique can be learned, and that runners can improve their technique to reduce the potential for injury.

About Chi Living:
ChiRunning, the mindful movement created by Danny Dreyer and Katherine Dreyer is a brand that goes beyond the popular book titles, Chi Running, Chi Walking and the new Chi Marathon. The ancient practice of T'ai Chi and its philosophy of moving from the core infuse all of the ChiLiving offerings, including their books, DVDs, audio programs, classes and workshops. These mindful principles support groups and individuals to make healthier, long-term training choices. (

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