Friday, December 14, 2012

Chi Running – Lesson 6 – Swing your legs to the Rear

Chi Running Lesson 6 combines the pelvic rotation and the lean.  If this is done correctly, it will allow your legs to swing out the back of your stride.  Key words: if done correctly.

As I did this exercise, my legs didn't feel different.   I wasn't worried about my legs swinging to the rear, because my footprints in the sand earlier this week showed me just how long my “out the back” stride is.  I did feel my pelvis rotating – some of the time.  What was happening – I think – is that I would level my pelvis and notice the rotation.  Then, shortly thereafter, I would notice that I was feeling tension in my calves and ankles.  In an attempt to relax my lower legs, invariably I would let go of the lower abs, too, and there went the level pelvis and the smooth rotation. 

I still have not mastered the art of keeping my lower abs contracted while relaxing everything else.  This is what I will work on for tomorrow’s fun run.  

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