Sunday, December 9, 2012

Chi Running - Back to the Sand

After a couple of fun runs – one with a new running group I’ve joined – it’s back to the Chi Running lessons.  I decided to repeat Lesson 4 – which is learning to relax your lower legs and develop a proper mid-foot strike – in my new shoes.

On the run to the park, once again, I focused on relaxing the lower legs, ankles and feet.  I caught my left calf tensing up more than once, and made the deliberate effort to “let it go.”   I didn’t feel any tension in my right calf, so I assumed that it was perfectly relaxed.

Well, it may have been relaxed, but I’m still consistently pushing off with my right toe.  When my left leg is relaxed I get beautiful, even footprints in the sand.  But even when my right leg feels relaxed, I get the toe divot, which indicates that I am still pushing off with my toe.

I brought the camera along and took this photo of the footprints.  I did note something kind of cool – look at how far apart my footprints are.  I am 5’ 2 ½ inches tall (yes, I count the half), and when I run with my feet under my column I feel like my stride is pretty short.  Au contraire – it appears I have a pretty long stride out the back.  I kept my shadow in the photo to remind me to keep my posture tall.

I plan to move on through the lessons and come back to the sand next spring.  I suspect the sand will be covered with snow until then.

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  1. i am impressed with your dedication! I am a chi running instructor up in the North of england and regularly have a little peek at your blog....good for you and keep going, you obviously enjoy the learning :)