Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chi Running – Lesson 1 – Keeping the Posture

Today was a 4-mile run, which is my normal “baseline” run.  Before I started, I aligned my feet and legs, lengthened my spine, engaged those pesky lower abs, formed my column, pushed my hips back, re-engaged those pesky lower abs, and started off.

As I ran I not only concentrated on keeping the posture in the right place, but I focused on feeling my feet hit the ground all at once – the midfoot strike.  I kept the pace slow.

I did find myself losing the engagement of the lower abs – frequently – and having to re-engage my posture.  Of course, then I had to relax everything except my lower abs.  I have to confess – relaxing isn’t my strong suit.  Normally the word “calm” and my name are never used in the same sentence – unless of course, that sentence is a declarative addressing my lack of calm! 

Take a deep breath and breathe out.  Unclench the fists. Smile.  I’m running, and even with focusing on a new technique, running is something I love.  

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