Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chi Running – Lesson 1 – Engaging the lower abs

A key tenet of Chi Running is the ability to focus.  I did a two mile run focusing strictly on keeping my lower abs engaged throughout the run. 

The focus started even before my run.  I reluctantly dismissed my long-time running partner – my iPod – so that the music would not distract me from my focus.  I did my best to relax everything but my lower abs, and started a slow-paced run. 
It was interesting that, while I focused on my lower abs, I really didn’t pay any attention to what my feet and legs were doing – other than making sure they avoided any patches of ice left from the previous day’s snowstorm.  The air was clear and crisp and the run was really quite enjoyable. 

Tomorrow I’ll do the posture run the authors recommend, which includes keeping the lower abs engaged but also includes all the alignment work. 

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