Sunday, June 25, 2017

Making up with Twitter

Sometime at the end of 2016 I broke up with Twitter.  I say sometime because my last tweet was December 24, 2016 – well after the election and well before the inauguration – so I can’t pin it to one of those dates.  But my rationale completely revolved around those dates. 

I just couldn’t support a platform upon which the leader of the free world acted so, well un-presidential.  I certainly wasn’t burying my head in the sand – if I wanted to read his tweets all I had to do was tune in to any major national news channel.  Besides, interesting tweets from the people I follow showed up occasionally in my email, and I seriously doubted that any of my 300 followers really missed my tweets. 

I changed my mind just these past few days, after reading an article in one of the running sites I follow that featured funny running tweets.  Not long after, I had a funny experience running that I was sure could have qualified as an addition to that list.  Dare I tweet it? 

As I continued running, I realized that my distaste for one person’s use of the Twitter platform didn’t make the Twitter platform bad.  And I realized that a) I was being petty and childish, and b) no one cared. When I came in from the run, I sent the tweet.

So I’m back.  But I still swear not to follow @RealDonaldTrump.

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