Friday, January 17, 2014

Finishing the Unfinished

I posted about overcoming inertia back on November 21.  In that post, I promised myself – and everyone else who might have been reading – that I would practice finishing what I start.  I pulled out the sewing box that’s been sitting at the top of the closet in my husband’s office for 19 years and started at the top.  Here’s how I've done so far…

I have no idea what possessed me to make a sundress out of red and white striped fabric.  It can’t have been a senior moment – this was nearly 30 years ago.  I think maybe the inertia factor here was some good old fashioned common sense.  There would have been no way I would ever have worn this dress.  I plan to give it to Goodwill.  I understand lots of people shop there for Halloween costumes.

The baby dress I found in the box is baffling me.  I found the body of the dress, with the collar on and the zipper in.  I found one completed sleeve.  I found another sleeve that looked like someone took the scissors to it and absconded with the bottom half.  Gremlins?  Could this be the reason I didn't finish the dress?  Thankfully the pattern offered an option to make the dress sleeveless.  It turned out pretty cute.  This one went to the granddaughter of a dear friend.  She’s about 18 months, and the dress is a size 4, so we’ll have to blink twice before it will fit her.

I found a cut-out chair pad in the pattern we had at the old house.  (We moved 19 ½ years ago…) There was enough fabric there to turn it into a two toaster covers and two matching oven mitts, which I’ll give to next year’s Breakfast with Santa.   

The box also contains:
•             A brand-new pattern and the fabric to make a dress.  Fabric looks OK.  Dress is outdated.  Maybe I’ll buy a new pattern after I finish all this old stuff.
•             Lots and lots of scrap fabric.  I asked one of my friends if she knew any quilters, and quickly found a home for it.

My friend Adrian, author of Adrian’s Crazy Life will be proud of me for de-cluttering.  I’m feeling good about finishing projects.  Bring on those endorphins!

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