Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reinventing Life

My friend and former co-worker, Brad S. Bunker, lost his job in a layoff about seven months before I retired.  Since then he has completed, edited and self-published not one, not two, but five novels.  Five!   So this is what he’s been doing in his man-cave.

I recently read his book, Shoes, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It’s a story about kids, family history, and a century-old treasure hunt.  I picked this one first because Brad had shared the story line with me years ago, while we were still working together.  It was really fun to read the book and see how the story ended.

I spoke with Brad about his books and about writing.  He told me he doesn’t research, doesn’t outline – he just gets an idea in his head and starts writing.  Brad says, “I believe everyone has a story just waiting to be told.”

Brad has inspired me.  I always planned on writing after I retired from corporate America.   Not just blogging, but really writing.  I had an idea for a novel.  I gave my heroine a name.  I spent several weeks researching the history and culture of the country where she will grow up.  Basically, I spent my first seven months of retirement planning to write.  Before I chatted with Brad, I had yet to put the proverbial pen to the proverbial paper.  Brad cut to the chase.  No excuses, just great stories. 

You can buy Brad’s books on, or through his web site,

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