Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What we Learned about Camp Hosting

We are often asked if we like camp hosting.  Like any job – and like any location – it has its good and bad.  The work itself was really not bad at all – even cleaning the toilets.  We had plenty of time to relax and enjoy our surroundings.  If you’re interested in camp hosting in the near or distant future, here’s a very brief recap of our experience.

What we loved:
·         Waking up every morning in the mountains.
·         Meeting the wonderful people who came to camp with us.  Most of the folks we met were respectful of us and of their surroundings. We had the added delight of meeting a man who had gone to high school with my father, and meeting the younger brother of a dear high school friend.
·         Having friends and family members come up – either for the day or to camp with us.  We had a blast showing off our home away from home.
·         Having our friends and family members bring us a newspaper when they come up.
·         Campers who brought us fresh fruits and vegetables, often home-grown.
·         Our area managers and the other camp hosts in our area. 
·         Riding the ATV on our “rounds.”
·         Running in the campground.
·         Getting videos from our local library. They allow you to keep DVDs for a week, and unless you return it late, it’s free!

What annoyed us just a little:
·         Having to nag campers to pay their fees.
·         Having to remind our younger ATV riders that our campground is not a racetrack.
·         Finding trash in the fire pits.
·         Finding mice in the trailer.
·         Shooing cows out of the campground.

Lessons Learned:
·         Paul and I had to learn to be alone in the same room. 
·         No matter how large a trailer is, they’re really set up for two people. 
·         Our campers did expect us to know about the surrounding area, the wildlife, and the national forest.  Glad we took the time to learn and explore.
·         Always back the trailer into the camp spot.  If you back the trailer in, you always know you can pull it back out.
·         Would we be camp hosts again?  Absolutely!

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