Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top Ten Reasons to Visit Hoop Lake

The fourth of July has come and gone.  We expected a lot of campers during the week, with the actual holiday falling on Wednesday.  And during this peak week of the camping season, less than one-fourth of our sites were filled.  The good news was that the people who came stayed the full week, and the better news for our campers was that it was a very peaceful camping experience for them.

July 24th was Pioneer Day, a Utah State holiday.  Again we expected a lot of campers planning on a long weekend.  We did get a lot of campers on Friday, July 20 – but most of them left on July 22.  We had only three sites used over the July 24th holiday.  What’s up with this?

Hoop Lake has to be the best kept secret in the Uinta Mountains.  It’s time to change that!  So here, for your amusement and possible enlightenment, are the top ten reasons you should make Hoop Lake your next wilderness camping destination.

#10 – We can accommodate just about any type of camping equipment.  Got a big trailer?  There’s a site for that.  Got a group with several tents?  There’s a site for that.  We have several sites on the lake, several sites back in the trees (lots of shade), and even a couple of remote sites for those of you who want to get away from it all even when you’re away from it all.

#9 – We love horses.  We have seven sites in our “horse camp” area that include corral space.  Some even have hitching posts.

#8 – We love ATVs.  There are several ATV trails accessible from our campground.  Several campgrounds in the Uinta Mountains don’t allow ATVs at all.  They’re welcome here – just remember that the speed limit within the campground is 10 mph.

#7 – The fishing is great.  The lake level may be down but the fish population is alive and well.  Our campers have had success with lures, flies, and good old-fashioned worms.

#6 – The hiking is great.  There are several hiking trails within walking distance of your campsite that take you into the Uinta Mountain Wilderness area.  Remember to sign yourself out and then back in again – so the Forest Service knows if they need to go searching for you.

#5 – The restrooms are clean and odor free.  Yes, they’re pit toilets, but between the design of the toilet and the deodorizers we use, they are not at all unpleasant.

#4 – We have cool wildlife. See Wildlife.  We also have cool wildflowers.  See Wildflowers of Hoop Lake.

#3 – We have cool temperatures.  So far the high temperature has been 85 degrees – at least 10 degrees cooler than the neighboring valleys.  Escape the summer heat with us.

#2 – We are a technology-free zone.  If you’re looking for a real vacation, your cell phone won’t work up here and we have no wi-fi, free or otherwise.  You can really get away – and work won’t follow you.

And the #1 reason to visit Hoop Lake – it is as peaceful as it is beautiful.  Come spend some quality time in nature.  We’ll be ready to welcome you.

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