Saturday, February 11, 2012

Non-electronic Correspondence

We’ve been able to arrange for most of our correspondence to come electronically.  Still, there are several items that we still receive from the good ole U.S. Postal Service.  Many of these items are fairly important correspondence addressed to our children, who still consider us their “permanent” address.

Even though we’ll be coming home at least twice a month, I hate the idea of leaving mail in the mailbox.  It’s become way too risky.  I also hate the idea of asking any of our neighbors to pick up mail for us every day for three months.  That’s pushing the limits of friendship.  The kids have their own lives.  They’ve agreed to come over occasionally to check on things and – get this – to mow the lawn.  (They’ve never mowed the lawn – but that’s a different story.)  But again, I hate to ask them to come over every day.

USPS to the rescue!  Turns out they will forward mail temporarily – and, get this, you can set it up online.  I could forward the mail to one of the kids, or I could get a post office box, have the mail forwarded there, and give the kids each a key so they can check for mail they’re expecting.  I’m thinking the post office box will be the best option.  I can do this online as well.  

I was totally impressed by the professionalism and the ease of use of the U.S. Postal Service’s web site,  Our tax dollars – working well.

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