Monday, January 16, 2012

Reinventing our Eating Habits

I ate very poorly this past weekend.  My “five a day” on fruits and veggies turned out to be less than five for the weekend – and that’s counting the beans in the chili.  (No, I didn’t count the corn in the cornbread.)  And I felt it this morning.

I actually do a lot better on the weekdays.  Why?  I control what I carry with me to work.  My friends and co-workers always laugh at my “food drawer” but it really does help me make healthier choices.  An apple in the drawer beats walking to the vending machine for a candy bar or a bag of chips any day.  

So as I plan how we will spend our first summer in retirement, I can think of the fifth wheel as a giant food drawer.  If it’s not in there – we won’t eat it.  We’ll shop once a week and eat what we bring with us – there will be no sports bar around the corner to pick up wings and beer.  We will simplify our food choices – no room for the dozens of bottles of sauces I have in my refrigerator.  We have a number of Dutch oven recipes, some tried and true and some brand new.  And just think – fresh trout pretty much whenever we want it – providing our fishing skills are up to par.  

Paul’s been talking about eating our main meal earlier in the day when we retire.  Not possible with me working 9 to 5, but in our retirement we can set our own schedule.  Even on our days off, we can take advantage of early bird specials.  

He’s also proposed we not drink any hard alcohol except on our days off.  That’s easy – we just won’t put it in the food drawer, er, fifth wheel. 

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