Saturday, October 15, 2011


All retirees play golf – right?  Paul has an uncle and aunt who can’t wait for us to retire so we can play golf with them.  I’ve told them many times that I get more strokes for my money than anybody I know.  They probably think I’m joking.  I assure you – I’m not.

I learned the game of golf in my late 20’s.  I learned the formal rules as well as the informal rules:
1.       Let faster groups play through.

2.       Never step on someone’s line on the putting green.

3.       Always drink a beer after 9 holes.
I own a nice set of clubs.  Yet it doesn’t matter which club I use, I can’t hit the ball any further than 90 yards.  I guess that’s good in a way – no one has ever had to get out of the way of an errant golf ball that I’ve hit.

It’s taken me years to figure out why I play so poorly.  I have very poor hand-eye coordination.  It doesn’t matter how beautiful your swing is if you keep missing the ball!

Maybe I need to buy one of those “big bubba” drivers with a head the size of a small melon – invented; I’m sure, by an aging baby boomer who hated missing the ball.  Or maybe I just need to practice more – something that retirement should afford me the time to do.


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