Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Getting Past January without Guilt

No, this isn't about failed New Year’s Resolutions.  It’s about deadlines – something that most retirees, me included – strive to avoid.  But it seems that the end-of-January deadlines have bit me ever since I retired.

First deadline – my Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification requires about 25 hours of continuing education every year.  I know – I’m retired.  Why am I maintaining this certification?  Two reasons:  1) to keep my mind active, and 2) to keep my options open.  Until we are completely out of debt I want to be able to keep my job skills relevant.  But back to the deadline. 

Every year I start with the resolve of doing one online webinar a week.  This would get my 25 hours in well before we leave for camp.  Of course, inevitably something comes up and I head for camp missing several hours of training.  No worries, I think.  When I get home from camp I’ll just pick it up and have the training done by the end of October.  Of course, inevitably something comes up; say for example, the holidays.  And once again I find myself scrambling for those last few hours – in January.  This year I finished on January 9 – a new record and well ahead of the deadline.

But wait – there’s another deadline.  My husband and I volunteer for VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance).  This service is sponsored by the Community Action Program and the IRS, and provides free income tax preparation for low-income individuals and families.  This year we’re starting on January 27.  And guess who hasn't passed her annual certification test yet? 

So I am now officially letting go of my self-imposed guilt for not blogging once a week in January (or any other month, for that matter).  I’ll be back after I pass the VITA test.  Talk to you then!

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