Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Plan – Cleanse and Detox

We finished the three day cleanse yesterday.  Yippee!  I got to have coffee this morning!  Yippee!

All in all it was a good experience.  Neither of us felt hungry during the cleanse, although I experienced a different sort of “pang” – my stomach telling me it’s not used to the foods I've been eating.  Where’s the bread?  Where are the cookies? 

We were warned by the author to expect some fatigue and possibly other symptoms as our bodies flushed out the toxins we've been building up for a while.  Ms. Recitas recommends taking it easy during the cleanse and finding ways to pamper yourself.  And while she didn't explicitly say, “stay close to home,” we found it convenient to do so.  All that water we've been drinking had been doing its job – flushing out the toxins.  Pun intended.

About the menus:  I like the curly-leaf kale better than the lacinato kale, but that’s close to saying I like being stuck with prickly pear needles better than barrel cactus needles.  OK, not quite that bad, but I seriously doubt that kale will make it to the “keeper” list of foods we’ll eat when the twenty day testing protocol is done.  I may not have cooked it enough.  We’ll try again.

And as for Spicy Coco Sauce – I just didn't like it.  There.  I said it.  I’ll take my kitty litter plain, thank you very much.  I’m on a pretty short list, though.  Per the author, most plan followers really like it.

We really liked last night’s dinner menu.  Who would have thought that baked chicken with only herbs and orange rind would taste so good?  Of course, it may have been that we were craving meat – but the recipe was really very good.  And the roasted vegetables were wonderful. 

So far my husband has lost six pounds and I have lost four.  Truth be told, I think we both gained exactly those amounts last weekend on vacation.  We ate many of the foods on the “probably bad” list – and drank beer and champagne.  I expect my weight loss to significantly taper off as we continue the testing protocol.

Can’t wait to have wine and chocolate tonight!

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