Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's all about the Dog

In her book, “Simplify Your Life,” Elaine St. James reminded us that “…pets don’t simplify your life.”  She goes on to say, however, that “…a well-trained dog, while not simple, can be a true joy to have in your life.”  We have Ty, an eight-year old black (well, mostly grey) pug.  And Ty is coming with us for the summer adventure.  
He’s already had his first trip in the fifth wheel – when we took our “Maiden Voyage.”  He’s figured out that his kennel will be outside, his bed will be inside, he will sit on whichever rocker doesn’t have a towel on it, and he will sleep on our bed.  What he hasn’t figured out yet is that he’ll need to be restrained while he’s outside.  Campground rule – all dogs must be on leashes – and the campground host has to set the example.  We’re scheming on a system of ropes rather than chains.  When we figure it out I’ll take a picture and post it. 
Ty has always liked camping.  He’ll get several walks a day, since we can’t just send him out into the back yard.  He likes other people and really likes other dogs, so he should be a great addition to the Hoop Lake welcoming committee.

We’ll be traveling into several towns on our days off, so I researched which hotel chains allow pets.  Turns out that Choice Hotels – which includes brands such as Comfort Suites, Comfort Inn, Quality Inn, Sleep Inn, and Clarion Hotels – are all pet-friendly.  At least, that’s what I read on their web sites.  We’ll be sure to sign up for their rewards program.

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