Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's Official


That was the first word out of my manager’s mouth when I told her that I planned to retire at the end of May.  She proceeded to congratulate me and made it very clear that she was supportive; just as I made it very clear that I was available to do whatever needed to be done to transition my workload.

I have to tell you – I was really nervous about telling her.  I’m not sure why – maybe I was afraid she’d tell me to pack up and leave immediately.  The next several calls were a bit easier – although the initial reactions of most of the people I told were similar.  I heard from each of these people that my work was valued and that I would be missed.  I felt good.  

Word travels fast.  Within minutes of “the announcement” email going out, I was barraged by well wishes, usually prefaced with expressions of surprise.  My favorite read, “I didn’t know we allowed people to retire at age 21 J  Other favorites included “Congratulations!  Sucks to be us!” and “Have you hooked up the trailer yet?”  

Hooking up the trailer on Friday. :)

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