Thursday, March 22, 2012

Being Social

My good friend Charlie once wrote, “Be social or be irrelevant.”  While I was busy working for Corporate America, being irrelevant didn’t seem too bad, but now that I’m about to reinvent my life, I’m thinking relevance may be a good thing.  

While I’ve always enjoyed being “found” in LinkedIn, I haven’t really focused on promoting myself.  It’s time to change that.  I updated my LinkedIn profile a few days ago.   Finally completed my profile, added a photo, and joined a couple of groups focusing on writing.   I’ve even posted the links to both my blogs!

Back to Charlie, who taught me the ins and outs of Twitter over margaritas in St. Paul.  Of course, after the salt and lime wore off I realized that I wasn’t ready for any of my friends to know just how close I was to retiring – yet, so the Twitter account I’d created for this blog was out.  No problem – I’d just create another one.  I sent my first Tweet using the new account from the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport.
I’ve been maintaining two Twitter accounts for nearly a year.  I say maintaining because in reality I didn’t do either of them justice.  Compartmentalizing myself made me seem shallow – dare I say boring – in both places.  It’s time to pull myself together and consolidate my Twitter accounts.  I’ll be inviting all my followers @cherylrtrr to follow me @cheri0429.  

Sigh – I guess I’m going to have to join Facebook next.  Good thing I have children to show me the ropes!

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